1098 Mansfield/Whitfield
Mansfield Victoria 3722
Telephone 0428 448 328

Murphy Fresh

Welcome to Murphy Fresh, truss tomatoes from Mansfield. Murphy Fresh is one of Australia’s most successful hydroponic farms, a family business owned and managed by Jill and Russell Murphy and sons, Jon and Sam.

Each year we supply more than 1.5 million kilos of premium vine-ripened tomatoes to supermarkets, greengrocers and restaurants around the country.

Murphy Fresh was established in 1998 as a family business with a 600-square-metre operation. Over the years it has expanded to our current growing area at around 2.6 hectares, or 26,000 square metres. The Murphy family - Jill and Russell and sons Jon and Sam and daughter Sarah - still own and manage the business today.

When we inherited 250 acres near Mansfield, 14 years ago we were unsure as to how best to utilise the land. As this was not a particularly large holding we explored various options including growing olives, grapes and herbs. At the time hydroponic farming was relatively new but after some research this offered a competitively priced alternative to traditional farming. The potential capital returns on lower input costs, increased revenue through high yields and environmental benefits made it a very compelling business proposition.

After two challenging but rewarding years, we committed to further investment. When our son Jon completed a Science degree, majoring in Plant and Animal Biology, he joined us bringing additional scientific expertise to the business.

With a well-earned reputation for environmentally sustainable best-practice, we have continued to initiate groundbreaking growing methods over our 14 years of operation. We are proud to have built our business with the full support of the local community and to contribute to the local economy through the creation of jobs.

As our business continues to grow, we are able to offer rewarding opportunities to build long-term careers in hydroponic farming.