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Murphy Fresh

Murphy Fresh is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes the opportunity to employ all kinds of workers, those experienced and those willing to learn. Extensive training and careful supervision ensure all new workers are given thorough grounding in all aspects of their required tasks

We have three different jobs in the greenhouses:

Working on tall raised platform trolleys, the plant workers maintain the new growth of the plants each week

Harvest the tomatoes twice weekly in each greenhouse, then load onto trolleys which track between each row

Sort the produce ready for dispatch to the markets

Plant worker job vacancies are available in June / July and go through to March the following year, or longer

Picking and packing job vacancies are available in August / September and go through to March the following year.

For the above positions it is important for employees to take into account the following issues when applying for the positions:

  • Workers cannot be colour blind (tomato ripeness is judged by fruit colour
  • Plant workers cannot be scared of heights
  • Conditions in the sheds are warm all year round so workers must enjoy working in such temperature



July 2019

The busiest employment times coincide with seasons with the most sunlight, that is spring and summer. Autumn and winter traditionally are considerably slower and require less seasonal staff.

As well as short term employment opportunities Murphy Fresh employ a core group of fulltime qualified staff but are always happy to talk to those who are seeking long term employment. 

If you are intrested in working for us at Murphy Fresh in a long or short term capacity please do not hesitate to contact Jon Murphy at: